Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep occurs four (4) times a year and is free to City of Cleveland residents. All acceptable items need to be placed at your curb on the day of the event. They will be picked up by Waste Management.

Acceptable items:

  • Regular trash - Tree trimmings
  • Wood - Crates
  • Cardboard boxes - Yard clean-up items
  • Garage clean-up items - Hot water heaters
  • Washing machines - Dryers
  • Furniture

All branches and tree trimmings can be no greater than three inches (3") in diameter and be cut, in four (4) lengths weighing no more than forty to fifty pounds (40-50 lbs).

For Clean Sweep ONLY you do not have to bundle.

There is a limitation of approximately 3 bath tubs in volume allowed or 3 yards. Tree stumps are not allowed.

Unacceptable Items

  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Special Waste
  • Liquids of any kind

For reasons of governmental restrictions, personnel or community safety and/or protection of equipment, the following items cannot be collected: 

  • Gasoline
  • Motor oil (and used filters)
  • Paint and other similar liquids (i.e. hazardous wastes)
  • Vehicle tires and batteries
  • Large pieces of metal such as car fenders and engines
  • Debris from construction and major remodeling such as carpeting, rocks, bricks, concrete, dirt, sand, gravel, roofing, lumber, fence boards, large pieces of glass, etc. (these items should be disposed of by the contractor performing the work)
  • Potentially dangerous materials such as sharp objects, glass, metal, etc should be properly identified and separated from other trash and/or double wrapped to avoid potential injury to the loader.
  • Large pieces of glass will not be collected.

Appliances with Freon in them

The appliances must be tagged by a certified technician that it is clear of any liquids at the expense of the customer prior to Waste Management picking these type of appliances.

Clean Sweep 2014 Dates:

  • February 12
  • May 14
  • August 13
  • November 12