Addresses & Location

Street Addresses

The fire department responds to a given location, but it may be delayed in arriving if the address is not clearly seen from the street. It’s fairly easy to spot a column of smoke from a house fire but it’s difficult to see someone’s heart attack from the street.

In a medical emergency, firefighters may waste critical time having to knock on several doors to try and find a correct address. To avoid this:

  • Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street.
  • Address numbers should be 3-4 inches in height and be reflective.

Apartment Complexes

Arriving at a correct address, the engine company then must find you in a huge residential facility with many buildings in the complex. To help us find you:

  • Make sure large identification lettering or numbering is mounted on the side of the building. This is as important as a street address.
  • It helps if someone can stand near the street to direct oncoming fire units to the appropriate apartment.