Cemetery  Price
Single Grave Space Resident $1,750
Single Grave Space Non-Resident $2,500
Single Space in Babyland $150
Single Urn Space                                                                                         $150
Marker permit (required for all headstone placements) $20


All payments for Burial Plots can be handled at City Hall with the City Secretary. Other ways to pay are by credit card or you can mail your payments to Cleveland City Hall’s address to the attention of the City Secretary.  There is a 5% fee to use a credit card.  Your receipt will be mailed or emailed to you.  You will need to call in to use the credit card as we don’t currently have an options for online payments for cemetery plots. We offer installment plans if you purchase more than one lot at a time. Contact the City Secretary’s office for more details.


All headstone placements must be permitted through the City Secretary's office and requires a $20.00 marker permit fee.  Standard sizes for single graves are usually 24 by 12, 28 by 16, or 18 by 24 inches. Standard sizes for companion graves are usually 36 by 18 inches or 44 by 14 inches. If you wish to have a flower vase at the grave site it must be attached to the headstone. Your headstone must not encroach on any other space or lot in the cemetery. 

You must notify the City Secretary's office Three (3) days prior to a headstone placement so that the cemetery crew can properly mark the space for the placement.  

Space sizes:

Individual Full Space: 5ft x 10ft or 4ft x 10ft (you can call City Hall if you have questions on which space size your loved one is in)

Urn Space: 2 1/2 ft x 3 1/4 ft

Baby space: 5 ft x 3 1/4 ft

Cemetery Mowing Schedule

As of May 1, 2022 the City has contracted out mowing at both Cleveland Memorial Cemetery and Memorial Gardens Cemetery. The mowing schedule is on a bi-weekly basis. Mowing, weedeating, tree trimming or planting is to be performed by the contractor or city staff only

Cemetery Locations

The Cleveland City Cemeteries include:

  1. Cleveland Memorial Cemetery located across the street from the Cleveland Police Station on Peach Avenue which has 17.57 acres of burial spaces.
  2. Cleveland Memorial Gardens located next to Samuel Wiley Park which has 4.24 acres of burial spaces.

Maps can be found at the following link: Cemetery Maps | Cleveland, TX