The mission of the Finance Department is to safeguard the fiscal integrity of the City, its component units, and enable other City stakeholders to do the same. Serving the community’s residents, businesses, developers and investors, our team is Cleveland’s reliable financial resource. 

GFOA Letter of Achievement for fiscal year ending September 30, 2020

Press Release - 1/18/2022 (Government Finance Officers Association)


Master Fee Schedule

Master Fee Schedule 2024

Notice of Property Tax Amount

H.B. 3273, which takes effect January 1, 2024, will require a city to post on its website a notice informing each owner of property that the estimated amount of taxes to be imposed on the owner’s property may be found in the appraisal district’s property tax database. Click the appropriate link below to find your:

Liberty County -

Montgomery County

Property Tax Rate Notices and Public Hearing Dates



FY2021 or later

Annual Budgets - Adopted & Proposed plus Ordinances

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FY2021 or later

Annual Audit

Continuing Disclosure Reporting

Quarterly Reporting

  • New reports forthcoming

Sales Tax Reports

Allocation historical summaries show the total dollars returned to a local sales taxing city, county, special purpose district, or transit authority by the Comptroller’s Office for their local sales tax collection. The payments are listed by month and totaled by year. Allocation amounts are dependent upon the timing and accuracy of taxpayers’ returns, but generally represent taxes collected on sales made two months or more prior to the allocation payment.