Utility Billing & Collection Division

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The Utility Billing and Collections Division is responsible for all customer service, including new customers, billing questions, meter lids missing, and new service line connections.

The division also handles turning on / off water utility orders, the reading of water meters, establishing new service, billing for water, sewer and refuse, collection of payments, and arranging for a field inspection

How to Establish Service

To establish a water account, the customer is asked to come to the Utility Collections Office at 907 E. Houston and make a deposit. Identification is required on new deposits to protect the customer from someone else establishing an account in his/her name. New account holders are required to bring a signed rental/lease agreement or proof of ownership along with all the previous required documents for new service.

Service Deposits

Deposit amounts have changed in November 2014.

  • Residential (homeowners only) deposits are $150 for single-family dwellings. with meter fee of $25.00
  • Residential (renters) deposits are $300 for single-family dwellings. with meter fee of $25.00
  • Commercial business:
    • $300 deposit with meter fee of $25 for <10,000 gallon users
    • $400 deposit with meter fee of $25 >10,000 gallons but <50,000 gallons
    • $500 deposit with meter fee of $25 >50,000 gallon users

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