Criminal Investigations


The initial investigation of most crimes is conducted by patrol officers, who in turn complete an offense report. In some cases, the patrol officer is able to complete the investigation, identify the suspects, and make arrests or file charges to close the case. In other cases where there are no arrests or clear leads, or if more in-depth or specialized investigation is required, the case is forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Division, which is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations.

The purpose of CID, as this division is commonly referred to, is to provide further help and information to the victim, and to identify and help bring about the successful prosecution of the offender.

The Criminal Investigations Division is tasked with:

  • Conducting follow-up misdemeanor / felony investigations initiated by the Patrol Division
  • Assisting in primary investigations when requested.
  • Clearing crimes through arrest and recovery of stolen property, executes search warrants and apprehend fugitives
  • Coordinating information with prosecuting agencies during investigations for upcoming court cases