Programs at the Library

As part of its roles as a Preschoolers’ Door to Learning and a Community Activities Center, Austin Memorial Library offers programs for citizens of all ages. Programs may be developed and presented by library staff or may be co-sponsored by the library and other community organizations. Preschool story time programs will be presented by library staff on a regular schedule throughout the year. Other programs for children and young adults will be planned, staff time and budget permitting, during school holidays and summer vacations.

Programs for adults may be scheduled throughout the year as interest warrants. Speakers from community groups and businesses may be invited to present programs on topics of general interest or of a timely nature.

Participating in a Program

Library programs are generally open to anyone wishing to attend. If space restriction or program requirements limit the number of people who may attend, preference will be given to those on a first come first serve basis. Persons attending library sponsored or co-sponsored programs are expected to adhere to the library’s policies on patron conduct.

Library Initiated Programs as a Resource

By separate action, and reaffirmed herein the City of Cleveland has endorsed the American Library Associations’ Library Bill of Rights and its interpretation, “Library Initiated Programs as a Resource.”