Library Board

Responsibilities & Authorities

The Austin Memorial Library encourages each library board member to be active in the local and state library organization. The library will encourage the board to take an active role in its efforts to inform the City Manager and Council of the benefits and needs of public libraries.

The board is responsible for:

  • Annually evaluating the director based upon well-defined job description and expectation
    • Studying community needs / interests are met by the library through short-and long-term goals and continuous evaluation
  • Examining preliminary budget developed by the director based on needs of the library; making revisions as needed; and officially adopting the budget and presents it to mayor / city council
  • Recommending library policies for approval to the City Manager and Council
  • Being thoroughly knowledgeable of the library’s ordinances and is familiar with local, state, and federal laws affecting library
  • Advocating for library through contacts with general public, civic organizations, and public officials
  • Recommending qualifications and candidates for board to mayor / city council
    • Notifying appropriate authorities of board vacancies
  • Attending city council meetings regularly in order to keep council informed on library activities
  • Adopting the mission statement and employing the mission as basis for setting priorities and plans
  • Interpreting the mission to community and to community officials
  • Adhering to open public meeting legal requirements as well as board bylaws and code of ethics
    • Establishing library policy and directions that are substantiated in board minutes
  • Adopting policies that assure services are extended to the entire community, including individuals or groups that may be reluctant or unable to use “standard” services