Cemetery Rules and Regulations

To assist the city in its efforts to maintain these cemeteries’ beauty, the Cemetery Rules and Regulations (PDF) have been adopted by the City Council.

All lot owners and persons interested in the cemeteries are requested to familiarize themselves with and conform to these regulations, and report any infraction thereof, in order that the city cemeteries may be a permanent and beautiful symbol of reverence for the deceased.

The City does not provide perpetual care. City staff only maintain the grounds. All mowing, tree planting/trimming and maintenance is to be done by City staff only

Monuments and markers are personal property. All monuments within the cemetery are the property of lot owners, their heirs, or the responsible party that ordered and placed them. Maintenance of the monuments is the responsibility of the owner. The cemetery is maintained by city personnel who exercise great care in keeping the grounds groomed. The city will not be responsible for inadvertent scratches and chips that occur from routine maintenance or vandalism. Such happenings are a condition that go with the privilege of placing the monument in the cemetery. A recommendation would be to consult a monument dealer on monument materials suitable to handle conditions at the cemetery. 

If you have any questions, please call the City Secretary's office at 281-592-2667.