City Surplus

Our mission is to generate revenue for the City of Cleveland by selling used, obsolete, excess, and confiscated property through online auction. 

Internet Auctions:
The City of Cleveland primarily sells surplus property via internet auctions. These auctions are open to the general public and are available 24 hours 7 days a week on the Public Surplus website at,tx/list/current?orgid=939340.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What types of items are available at the City surplus auctions?
    Items available may vary from auction to auction and day to day but miscellaneous items usually include used vehicles, heavy equipment, office furniture, computer equipment, electronics, communication equipment, lawn maintenance equipment, office machines, tools and various other items. 
  • How can I buy City surplus property?
    Internet Auctions are the standard method of disposal of miscellaneous surplus property. These auctions are open to the general public and property is sold to the highest bidder "As Is, Where Is". Available surplus items can be found on the Public Surplus website at,tx/list/current?orgid=939340
  • Does the City donate surplus property?
    The City does not donate surplus property. Surplus property is available at Internet/public auctions and to qualified organizations at fair market value.