How much is garbage service for my house?

You will pay a monthly flat fee of $15.00 that is included on your water bill.

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1. Do you accept credit cards for payment?
2. Can I download the residential or commerical application for service?
3. What are the residential garbage days?
4. What time does my residential garbage have to be out to be picked up?
5. How much is garbage service for my house?
6. I am opening a business in Cleveland who do I contact for garbage?
7. Can I set up monthly autopay on my bill?
8. I have family gatherings at my home sometimes and could have extra trash, how do I get rid of it?
9. I have a large family and we always have extra trash?
10. Can my yard waste go into the cart?
11. What if I have some bundled limbs. How can I get rid of those?
12. The Waste Management cart wheel has come off. What do I do?
13. The cart has a bad odor. How do I clean it?
14. How do I get rid of existing garbage cans if I no longer need or want them?