What are the procedures for filing charges?
When an offense occurs (a crime is committed) it should be reported by the complainant (victim) to the police department. An officer will meet with you or respond to the scene and write an offense report. The offense report will be forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) where it will be assigned to an investigator.

Complainant must report to CID and sign an affidavit of non-consent and possibly give statements. Complainant may be accompanied by an officer or investigator to go before the judge and sign a complaint if probable cause exists. This takes place after an investigation. A warrant of arrest or a summons is then issued for the suspect by the judge. If there are no suspects then an ongoing investigation will be conducted. If further information, witnesses or leads become known by the complainant, it should be passed on to investigators immediately.

Once the suspect or actor is arrested on the warrant then he or she will be taken before the judge and advised of their rights and a bond set. Class (C) Misdemeanor the judge will set a bond or fine on suspect depending on the plea. On Class A-B Misdemeanor the judge will set a bond on suspect. Upon posting bail they are to be released. On Felony offenses a bond will be set.

If defendant / suspect is unable to post bail he or she will be transferred to the county jail. Hopefully, these procedures will help you to understand how this portion of the criminal justice system works. Feel free to contact the Cleveland Police Department if you need any further assistance at 281-592-2621.

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1. What are the procedures for filing charges?
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