Brazos Transit District


Ph. 1-800-272-0039 

To view live maps and bus locations download the FREE mobile app: RideBTD

Days & Hours: Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am until 4 pm, excluding holidays. Administrative office are open Monday through Friday, 8 am until 5 pm, excluding holidays 

Holidays: We are closed for the following holidays:New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & the day after, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. 

How to Ride: First you need to find the route nearest to your point of origin (your home, place of work, etc.). Then look for the route nearest your destination (you might have to transfer to reach your destination). Find the time schedules so you will know when and where to board the bus nearest to you. Due to traffic, the times listed are approximately the times the bus should pass. Please allow an additional five minutes on either side. You may board the bus at any safe place along the route by simply waving to signal the bus operator to stop. You must be on the same side of the street as the entrance to the bus. When approaching your destination, please notify the operator by pulling the cord near the window. Buses are ADA wheelchair accessible. We cannot provide transportation if the combined weight of the customer and the mobility aid exceeds 800 pounds. 


Minutes After
the Hour
:00Start at Transfer Point (ECR Bldg) on College Ave.

Left on Crockett St.
:01Left on S. Bonham Ave.

Right on Boothe St.
:02Left on N Fenner Ave.

Right on Nevell St.
:03Left on Franklin Ave.

Right on Boston Cir.
:04Left on Regusta Richards

Right on Vine St.
:05Left on Dep. O. McDuffie Jr.

Left on Santa Fe St.
:06Right on Rachel B. Scott

Straight on N Travis Ave.
:07Right on M.L.K. Dr.
:08Left on Lilley Ave.
:10Left on 5th St.
:11Left on Washington Ave.
:12Right on Hickory St.
:13Left on Mason
:14Right on Margie St.
:15Left on N Blair Ave.
:16Left on Austin St.

Right on Washington Ave.
:19Right into H.E.B. Parking Lot
:20Right on Washington Ave.
:21Right in Wal-Mart parking lot
:23Right on US 59 Feeder

Right on Highway 105
:24Left on Washington Ave.
:27Right on Boothe St.
:28Right on College Ave. to Transfer Point (ECR Bldg)

Left on Crockett St.
:31Left on N William Barnett

Right on Boothe St.
:32Right on Fenner Ave.
:33Left on E Houston St.
:35Left on Peach St.
:36Right on FM 787 (Nevell)
:37Right on Campbell St.
:38Left on Easy St.
:39Left on E Houston St.
:40Left on Sleepy Hollow

Left on E Houston St.
:42Left on Kirbywood
:43Left into Palais Royal Shopping Center
:44Left on E. Houston St.
:45Right on Truman St.
:46Left on Charles Baker Ave.

Right on Williams St.
:48Right on Fenner Ave.
:49Left on Southline St.
:50Right on College Ave
:51Right on Hansen Street
:52Left on Bonham
:53Left on Boothe St.
:54Left on College Ave. to Transfer Point (ECR Bldg)